Dhow Cruise

  • Duration : 1 HOUR
  • Times: 8am-9am-10am / 3pm-4pm-5pm / 8pm
  • Price: 800 AED – Private Charter up to 25 passengers
  • Included: Water
  • Guests are welcome to bring own food & drink or order from any of the Yas Marina restaurants.

Note: Prices subject to 5% VAT starting from 1st January 2018.

Tour Description :-

Our Dhow Cruise starts and finishes at Yas Marina. Cruising around Al Raha Beach and then around a large island called Sammaliyah Island which is part of the UAE Heritage Club. You will see traditional buildings on the beach front, plenty of gazelles running around, mangrove forests and a great view to the skyline of the city in the distance as we turn to come back around the other side of the island, where you will have plenty more sights to enjoy.

It is generally a very calm and relaxed cruise with clear uninterrupted views.

Speaker available on board so feel free to connect and listen to your favorite tunes.