Sunset Cruise

A very relaxing experience providing a different perspective of Abu Dhabi’s inshore coastline.

Island Beach Getaway

If you want to have a relaxing day out at a beautiful remote natural beach then this Island Beach Getaway is for you.

Daylight Cruise

Enjoy stunning views on our Daylight Cruise to the endless mangrove island forests to one side, gazelle running freely among traditional Emirati heritage buildings to the other

Dhow Cruise

Our Dhow Cruise starts and finishes at Yas Marina. Cruising around Al Raha Beach and then around a large island called Sammaliyah Island which is part of the UAE Heritage Club.

Yas Quick Cruise

The Yas Quick Cruise is ideal for those who just want to experience a quick boat ride and enjoy a short tour along Mangrove Bay just off the stunning Yas Links golf course.

Cruise & Dip

This boat trip is a great way to cool off during the hot Summer months!


Staying within the inshore waterways is also considerably safer making it ideal for families of all ages.

Dolphin Bay Eco Boat Tour

This dolphin bay eco boat tour is hosted by marine biologist Arabella Willing who will accompany the guests on board as the tour guide.